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    Celt Oy

    VAT-number: FI28171119

    Production, sales, administration:
    Hepolamminkatu 53
    33720 Tampere


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    E-invoice address: 003728171119
    E-invoice operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)
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    Celt Oy (OpusCapita skannauspalvelu)
    PL 34023
    00021 LASKUTUS

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    Sales, marketing

    Markus Katainen

    045 221 4599

    Management, Production

    Timo Isotalus

    044 519 7653


    Jorma Katainen

    040 965 9445

    Celt exists to enable people to live in comfortable and healthy homes. Celt’s purpose is efficient residential construction. Celt’s aim is that construction and living are polluting our environment as little as possible. Celt ensures that investing in a residence is safe and profitable.

    That is why we provide a comprehensive design service for construction projects. It is also why we build with solid massive wood. That is why we manufacture our products industrially, indoors. It is why we engage in continuous product and service development. That is why we listen to our customers.

    Residences should be manufactured industrially like cars, mobile phones and clothes. Solid wood panels make this possible, and create also new design possibilities. Nowadays modular construction, BIM and production robotics are part of building production.

    In 2025, solid wood residential buildings will be commonplace throughout the Nordic countries, just as they are now in Central Europe. Their residents are healthier and happier. Solid wood buildings are longer lasting, more profitable to build and have a higher retail value than other buildings. Celt will be the biggest manufacturer of solid wood construction elements in Northern Europe.


    Celt’s Plug & Live concept produces residences on a cost-effective basis. Plug & Live combines 3D design, Celt Building Elements and installation services. We provide our customers with an effortless construction project and ecological construction technology, at a fixed price in a guaranteed delivery time. All of this is available now. We build finished apartments on an industrial way.

    We build industrially ready-to-use apartments


    We believe that good construction involves ecological thinking, longevity, high-quality architecture, safe structures, reliable delivery times and fixed price. Quality of living is all about a healthy indoor climate, maintenance-free living and spaces designed according to preferences, purpose and coziness. These values can be realised with the Celt Plug & Live service and by using Celt Construction Elements.

    Celt’s technical design expertise, network of specialist designers and contractors in Finland, international network of suppliers and years of experience in the manufacture and installation of construction elements are available for our customers’ projects. We continuously develop our operations and industrial solid wood construction. Every day we want to earn our position as a pioneer in solid wood construction. We are proud of our performance when our customers are satisfied.

    We are looking for talent. This is your opportunity.