Celt Modules

Evolution from construction site work to industrial building manufacturing

The use of solid-wood modules (room elements) in construction is rapidly becoming more commonplace. The benefits of solid wood combined with industrial module production are the key to solving the lack of apartments, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing the comfort of living and caring the health. Solid wood modules also enable cost-efficient solutions for office buildings and public spaces.

We manufacture Celt Modules for a range of purposes. We manufacture CLT modules for multi-storey buildings
, terraced houses and town houses. Celt Module is produced indoors under controlled conditions. Celt Module can be ready apartment over 60 square metre in size. Celt Modules are ready-to-use buildings, which are connected to each other to achieve desired duilding entity. With Celt Modules, the construction site time is short. The risks and cost of construction on site are significantly reduced. In many cases, both Celt Modules and Celt Prefab Elements are used in construction projects.

Residence modules

  • CLT is the load-bearing structure and vapour barrier
  • Modules are ready to use after the connections to municipal infrastructure

Module structures

  • Ready construction components and buildings that are not including HVAC
  • CLT is the load-bearing structure

Effortless and cost-effective construction

Utilization of Celt modules

Residence modules

  • Apartments for block buildings, terraced houses or balcony access blocks
  • Apartments in nursing homes
  • Detached houses, summer cottages and villas
  • Temporary residences (housing barracks)
  • Pop-up buildings, e.g. schools, offices, social and healthcare buildings
  • Office, accommodation and maintenance rooms

Module structures

  • Garden buildings, such as saunas, shelters, summer homes, summer kitchens
  • Balconies and lofts
  • Separate spaces placed in larger buildings, such as meeting rooms
  • Quickly moved buildings

Building apartments at the construction site will be soon a story in history


Toteutamme halutessanne kaiken suunnittelun tilaelementtiprojektiinne alkaen hanke- ja arkkitehtisuunnittelusta. Palveluumme sisältyy aina tekninen suunnittelu sekä moduulit. Celt Moduulit voi tilata asennettuna paikalleen tai tilaaja voi asentaa ne itse. Lähtökohtaisesti Celt Moduulit toimitetaan asennettuna valmiin perustuksen päälle jolloin tilaajalle jää talotekniikan kytkentätyöt. Toimituskokonaisuus määritellään yhdessä sopivaksi kohdekohtaisesti.


The modules are packaged and ready for pick-up at the factory’s storage


The modules are delivered and installed in the construction site